29 November, 2016

Project Lucy DWP1 (De-Watering Project 1) Update

new-caledonia-6IMG is responsible for the mechanical, piping, structural (SMP), electrical and instrumentation (E&I) installation for the DWP1 De-watering Plant 1 (Project Lucy).

The project is for the Goro Mine facility and will treat process sludge, reducing the requirement for settling ponds thus improving the environmental foot-print for the site.

new-caledonia-2Here are some interesting facts about the project.

  • We are almost 90% complete with less than 3 weeks to go.
  • Site team has peaked at approx. 100 including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, cranes, scaffolding and rigging and administration staff
  • Our teams are made up of a mixture of New Zealanders, New Caledonians, French and Australians.
  • A big push in the last 8 weeks has seen IMG accelerate the programme.
  • IMG has employed a number of French speaking administrators who have also been invaluable in helping with new-caledonia-8interpretation.
  • To support the accelerated delivery, IMG New Zealand workshops completed 2 months’ worth of work into 3 weeks, this included high spec coded piping fabrication and pipe supports.
  • 280+ flights, mobilising a full project delivery team and site establishment in 3 weeks, engaging a number of local French speaking contractors including cranes and EWP’s, scaffolding & rigging, support for E&I and SMP, porta-coms / porta-loos, drinking water, develop relationships with local suppliers for tools, consumables, materials, transport and logistics, medical support, vehicles and buses and many other suppliers etc.
  • Health and safety statistics – zero LTI’s to date


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