Norske Skog

Contract type

Lump Sum

Project Duration

April 2012 – April 2013

Total Man-hours

34,000 Hours


Installation of a 28MW Geothermal Power Station

Structural Mechanical and Piping (SMP) Installation of a 28MW Binary Ormat Geothermal Power Station.

This installation included all mechanical plant and heat exchangers. The project bid was based on install and commission, developing schedules, project plans, quality document control, innovative methodology of the work along with stringent quality control processes. This included the management process of incoming materials from Europe and Asia into our devanning process which IMG managed. Health and safety was a key component of the job and IMG managed this project with no LTI’s recorded. IMG developed a multi resource coordination approach to the project to allow efficiencies of scale and reduction in overheads to benefit the client in a more cost effective model. The plant weighed in at 1400T. It was 180M long, 25M wide and 7M high.