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Who am I?

Well, we ended up with a four-way tie on the results so $100 gets split between Alissa Stacey, Andrew Blank, Adrian Brass and Kelly Rodgers!

And some fun facts…

  • Picture O was the one that had the least amount of correct guesses…
  • The majority thought Picture O was Kelly Rodgers, but it’s Chris Aldworth.
  • Picture A (Julie M), C (Adrian B), F(June J), H (Simone H), J (Anna C) and P (Clinton C) were the most recognisable pictures.
  • There was a tie between Adam Davis and Peter Brooks on Picture M, but it’s Adam Davis.
  • Picture Q got the same number of votes for both Patrick Murray and Peter brooks, but it’s Peter Brooks.
  • Most people thought picture B was Don Sharp and not Eamond Kelly.
  • More people voted that picture R was Andrew Blank and not Ross Harrington whose picture it is.

Avi hard at work! Line boring 789 dump truck rear tray and chassis mount holes.

More breaking NEWS!

Pictured is Chris Williamson working on the dipper arm of the PC4000 at the Rotowaro coal mine IMG are working on this machine for the next few weeks while it is down for some required maintenance

Baylee is hard out welding chassis cracks on a 789 dump truck. Hail, rain or shine, IMG is there to look after their customers

Adrian Brass sent in a few options for those of us who feel creative during lockdown.

Anna Chea made some delicious chocolate hot cross buns!

My first go at baking Romany Creams, a South African favorite. – Simone Harmse

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