Project Lucy DWP1 (De-Watering Project 1) Update

IMG is responsible for the mechanical, piping, structural (SMP), electrical and instrumentation (E&I) installation for the DWP1 De-watering Plant 1 (Project Lucy). The project is for the Goro Mine facility and will treat process sludge, reducing the requirement for...

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New Starters – second half 2016

We have had a number of new staff join us over the latter half of the year. Although many have met them in person now, we believe our website is a great place to provide a...

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Wiri Workshop 1 year celebration

Today is the 1st anniversary of the IMG's Wiri workshop. On this day last year the workshop staff walked into a huge empty building wondering how they would ever make it a home. There have been a few...

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New Zealand Steel Safety Award

Ropata Kaio from IMG was today presented with the New Zealand Steel Safety Award for excellent safety leadership. He received this for producing outstanding Take 2s, suggesting improvements to rescue plans and for his positive...

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