IMG purchases McRaesGlobal

We’re pleased to announce that IMG (Integrated Maintenance Group) have recently purchased McRaes Global from Asset Management Ltd. McRaes Global is a leader in hydraulics design, technology, control systems and servicing to a wide range of...

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IMG Covid-19 Update

With the growing level of uncertainty around, we wanted to provide our customers with certainty of supply from IMG. IMG have been classified as an essential service and as such, will be remaining open during the Level 4...

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Pekatahi Bridge Project

IMG were asked to subcontract on the Pekatahi Bridge project, located 2.75kms west of Taneatua. The bridge is a 300 metre long single lane wooden bridge on top of existing steel substructure. Contract owner, Downers, removed...

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New Starter – Jarrod Murray

A belated welcome to Jarrod Murray who started as Civil Manager in Tokoroa in December 2016. Jarrod has taken IMG by storm and getting very positive feedback about his engagement and leadership and building a...

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IMG Sponsor for Drift King – Curt Whittaker

IMG is very proud to sponsor Curt Whittaker of RATTLA Motorsport who was crowned, for the second time, the D1NZ National Drifting Champion in the 2015/2016. His first Championship title was won in the 2011/2012...

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