18 November, 2015

New Starter Profile – Rubens de Souza

Senior Mechanical Project Engineer

Joining the IMG estimating team in October 2015, Rubens brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our business, focusing mainly on scheduling and planning, quality systems, estimating expertise, and project delivery processes.  He is also qualified as a  International Welder Inspector – from HERA 2014.

Originating from the largest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Population of approximately 12 million people. He started his career as a mechanical engineer in the oil & gas and mining sectors working for Petrobras and Alcoa Aluminum.

Rubens arrived in New Zealand at the end of 2005 and joined the engineering service group at New Zealand Steel in 2006. After that he was assigned to the KUPE Project in Taranaki and was also engaged in various projects around the Pacific Islands including the first water treatment Plant in Apia / Samoa in 2007, NCA Tanks fabrication in Thailand 2009, three years of EPC projects for Newcrest Gold mining in Papua Guinea and boiler tube replacements for Koniambo Nickel Mining in New Caledonia.

He is married and has two boys (18 years old and 5 years old). As a Breakers basketball fan, he likes to watch their games whenever he has a chance while in Auckland. Rubens rides his bike on the weekends and is also learning how to enjoy fishing, whether it’s a good or a bad day.

Rubens de Souza