Welcome to the IMG Quarterly Awards

We’re introducing this award programme to recognise and reward the exceptional and outstanding people and teams who really make a difference at IMG. We want you to be on the lookout for people that go above and beyond in their jobs and in doing so help make IMG a great place to work.

We want you to nominate those people you believe make a difference. It might be they go above and beyond in their job or how they help others, it might be their passion and focus on trying to do things differently, it might be their commitment to living the IMG values that we believe set us apart from other companies.

How does it work?

Make your nomination at anytime and at the end of each quarter an Awards Committee will review and select the winners. The winners will be announced at a company function.

Our quarterly winners will automatically enter into the Annual Awards together with any nominations for people that have consistently gone above and beyond throughout the year.

Who will be on the Awards Committee?

The Awards Committee will be made up of representatives from different parts of the business to ensure fair consideration is given to all nominees.

What are we trying to achieve?

We want to encourage people to aspire to being the best at what they do, to aim for excellence in their work, to live the IMG values, to put our customers first, to recognise the efforts of your workmates, to start honouring those that really make a difference at IMG.

Quarterly Award categories:

  • Making IMG a great place to work
  • Making IMG a safe place to work
  • Improving our financial performance
  • Improving our customer’s experience
  • Driving innovation to work smarter, not harder

IMG award nomination form:

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