23 November, 2015

IMG Presents at NMEC Conference

IMG recently attended the National Maintenance Engineering conference.  This annual event is held over two and half days and has become a ‘must attend’ event with attendees and presenters participating from around the world.

Dave Young, our National Operations Manager, delivered a 30 minute presentation on ‘Effective Shut Planning and Management’ from a contractor’s perspective.  During his talk, Dave covered the following;

  • the importance of timely shut planning and scheduling and contractor management
  • the nationwide shut calendar
  • how technology can make a difference in the health and safety sector
  • the current and future skills shortage

The audience were engaged and there was a healthy debate during question time surrounding apprenticeships and training for our future.

We would highly recommend attending this conference as we believe it is worthwhile event, both for the presentations given and from a networking perspective.  Click here for more information on the conference.